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StartBox Quick Start Guide / Scheduling a Procedure

Scheduling a patient’s procedure is typically done in the clinic or office prior to the day of surgery. There are three parts to completing this phase: 
(A) Adding a patient; 
(B) Adding a procedure;
(C) Editing the procedure with scheduling details

Video tutorials for the focused steps below are available online following the links in parentheses. 

A. Add a Patient (Training 3.2):
This can be done by Clinic Staff, Physician or NP/PA

  1. ADD PATIENT on “Patients” tab
  2. SCAN patient's driver's license; or ENTER MANUALLY
  3. Verify patient information and SAVE

B. Handoff a Procedure (Training 2.2):
This can only be done by the Physician or NP/PA

  1. FIND patient on “Patients” tab
  3. RECORD the decision for surgery following the script
  5. The remaining fields may be completed at a later time

C. Schedule the Procedure (Training 3.3):
This can be done by Clinic Staff, Physician or NP/PA

  1. FIND patient/procedure on “Patients” tab
  3. Verify that all scheduling fields are complete: description, date of surgery, location
  4. Done!

You can also review full training courses for each user role in the StartBox mobile app by navigating to the account tab (bottom right) / Training.

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