The StartBox System gives medical professional liability insurance companies access to data never before available electronically.

The StartBox Patient System generates safety data based on a provider or facility’s behavior. Similar to driving behavior being a predictive factor for auto insurance claims, the StartBox System can inform insurance companies of the individual medical liability risk of a client by creating risk profiles that reflect actual versus perceived risk. 


This data increases transparency to actual risks, versus perceived risks based on external rating factors such as geography, number of procedures, surgical specialty, etc. Each individual insured situation can then be assessed based on their unique patient safety performance, and their risk mitigation practices. The near miss data captured through StartBox is predictive and can be used as a leading indicator to assess risk.


A published peer-reviewed study (Gloystein. Front Surg. 2020) has demonstrated success of the StartBox System. In addition to preventing patient harm, the system tracked a number of errors (such as incorrectly scheduled patient, procedure or site/laterality) revealing potential issues prior to bad outcomes occurring. Furthermore, longitudinal use of the system has demonstrated its ability to reduce errors to zero as adoption progressed.


Latest Updates

StartBox Welcomes Kim Kramer, Head of Risk Consulting

Kim Kramer will lead StartBox in capitalizing on its goals of mitigating risk, reducing medical liability costs and increasing healthcare operational efficiencies.
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StartBox and MedMal Direct form alliance to advance patient safety and reduce costs

Strategic alliance launched to prevent wrong site surgery and reduce costs at ASCs
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Clinical Experience with StartBox Published in Peer-Reviewed Journal

Innovative Technology System to Prevent Wrong Site Surgery and Capture Near Misses: A Multi-Center Review of 487 Cases
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