Adjunct Technology to Prevent Harm

Advanced protocols and checklists have been devised to ensure patient safety. Unfortunately, harmful events still occur despite best efforts. 

The AORN has recommended adjunct technology to prevent other sentinel events, and now the StartBox System can assist providers and facilities in capturing errors and tracking risks to improve patient safety. 

Track Risks to Improve Safety

If you're not tracking errors, you don't know if you're good or just lucky. You're missing an opportunity to understand and improve your safety profile. 

Healthcare providers are generally successful at catching errors, but frequently systems are not in place to track errors and so they are poorly understood. 

Digitally track a procedure with the StartBox System from the provider’s office until the procedure begins.

The decision for surgery is recorded between the patient and physician.

Verification is required (Go/No Go) before procedure advances.

Errors are captured by members of the healthcare team. 

Data-driven insights can reduce the opportunity for errors to persist and create opportunities for operational improvements.


Clinical results have demonstrated success of the StartBox System.

Patient safety was improved.
A number of near misses were tracked.
No Gos reduced over time.


Track Risks to Reduce Costs

If you're not tracking errors, you're also missing an opportunity to show insurance providers how safe you really are. A recent longitudinal study utilizing StartBox showed the ability of a facility to reduce near misses to near zero. 


The data generated from the StartBox System enables providers and facilities to create an objective safety profile. This risk profile demonstrates the "actual risk" of a provider or facility with regard to medical practice liability. Objective data, captured from actual behaviors, may be a better predictor of risk as compared to risk factors more commonly associated with medical liability such as years in practice, geography, age, etc. And premium credits and discounts may be earned through insurance partners. 

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Prevent Harm & Reduce Costs 

Start using the StartBox System in your clinic, surgery center or hospital operating room to track errors and reduce costs today.

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