The StartBox System is designed to protect the patient every step of the way,
from the
decision in the doctor’s office to the incision in the operating room.


The StartBox System consists of a mobile software application, a safety-engineered blade delivery kit (BDK) and a data reporting tool. The software application of StartBox is an easy-to-implement, standardized platform that improves communication between the surgical team and the patient; between the surgeon’s practice and surgical facility; and among care providers along the patient care continuum. Four principles form the core of the StartBox System:

  1. Digitize the source of truth: The decision for surgery is captured with a cloud-based system and accessible to all users of the system.

  2. Color coding: StartBox utilizes a simple color scheme to ensure the correct patient procedure is performed.

  3. Real time alerts: StartBox enables any individual along the patient care continuum to ensure accuracy or flag errors using a dedicated device/app.

  4. Tactical tool: The StartBox Kit allows the surgery to begin only when the correct patient procedure information has been confirmed and documented.


Latest Updates

Clinical Experience With StartBox: A Multi Center Review of 487 Cases

An evaluation of 487 orthopedic surgery procedures with the StartBox System identified 17 near miss events that could have led to the occurrence of a wrong-site surgery. The use of the System resulted in the occurrence of zero wrong site surgeries.
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