The StartBox Patient Safety System

From Decision to Incision, StartBox combines the power of the cloud with the precision of the scalpel, making hospitals smarter and people safer than ever before. 


With the end goal of improving WSS prevention protocols and ultimately eliminating WSS, The StartBox Patient Safety System was developed to integrate the checklist recommended by the Universal Protocol, standardize and streamline workflows, complement electronic medical record systems and add a final constraint as a comprehensive intervention solution. 

Four principles form the core of the StartBox System:

  1. Digitization: The decision for surgery is captured with a cloud-based system and accessible to all users of the system.

  2. Flatten the hierarchy: StartBox enables any individual along the patient care continuum to ensure accuracy or flag errors using a dedicated device/app.

  3. Color coding: StartBox utilizes a simple color scheme to ensure the correct patient procedure is performed.

  4. Tactical tool: The StartBox Kit allows the surgery to begin only when the correct patient procedure information has been confirmed and documented.

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