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  1. Introduction to the StartBox System (presentation)
  2. The StartBox System (brochure)
  3. Risk Management Overview (MPL brochure)

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Wrong-Site Surgery in the News

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Other Resources

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Latest Updates

StartBox Can Reduce Errors to Zero

A study was conducted at a single site over a twelve-month period. Similarly to the experience reported in a peer-reviewed publication, patient harm was prevented and errors were captured. Additionally, a downward trend in near misses was observed, with zero reported during the last five months of the period. This suggests that the StartBox System can help healthcare facilities and providers improve their patient safety and risk profiles over time.
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StartBox Welcomes Kim Kramer, Head of Risk Consulting

Kim Kramer will lead StartBox in capitalizing on its goals of mitigating risk, reducing medical liability costs and increasing healthcare operational efficiencies.
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Clinical Experience with StartBox Published in Peer-Reviewed Journal

Innovative Technology System to Prevent Wrong Site Surgery and Capture Near Misses: A Multi-Center Review of 487 Cases
Read More.

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