StartBox and MedMal Direct form alliance to advance patient safety and reduce costs - August 10th 2021

ATLANTA, Aug. 10, 2021 -- StartBox, LLC today announced an alliance with MedMal Direct Insurance Company, a multi-state medical professional liability insurance carrier. The alliance will offer healthcare providers and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) medical professional liability risk management discounts linked to the adoption of the StartBox System.

Wrong site surgery (WSS) includes surgery at the wrong site or side, performing the wrong procedure, or surgery on the wrong patient. WSS is preventable, and yet despite the implementation of protocols and checklists to reduce their occurrence, shockingly occurs more than 50 times a week in the US. Tragically, WSS is often devastating to the patient, nursing staff, surgeon, and facility involved.

The StartBox System was designed to capture near misses and prevent WSS through a systems-based approach. It not only improves communication along the patient care continuum, but allows an organization to review errors and examine the effectiveness of complex safety protocols without a catastrophe ever occurring. 

"We are excited to solve the problem of WSS through innovative technology and human factors engineering. In addition to furthering a commitment to patient safety, our customers can also improve their financial health through medical professional liability rate reductions through this new alliance with MedMal Direct," says David Lane, CEO at StartBox, LLC.

"This alliance with innovators like StartBox demonstrates our ability to continuously improve the medical professional liability insurance experience. Our Direct model means significant savings, direct lines of communication with the experts, and a better strategy of defense, all from a financially strong company," says Bryan Carter, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at MedMal Direct.

About StartBox, LLC: StartBox, LLC is a medical technology company focused on patient safety. The company aims to eliminate Wrong Site Surgery (WSS) with its patented system built upon safety best practices. Visit for more information.

About MedMal Direct: MedMal Direct Insurance Company is a multi-state medical professional liability insurance carrier that offers its policies directly to physicians and surgeons. The company enables physician practices to realize significant savings on one of their largest expenses – medical professional liability insurance premiums. Visit for more information.

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