Medscape recognizes StartBox as a solution to surgical errors - October 5th 2021

Catastrophic patient events still occur despite years of efforts to eliminate them. The truth is that an estimated 3000 errors that could lead to serious patient harm happen every day.

StartBox was recently recognized by Medscape, a leading online global resource providing access to medical information for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide, as a new system to reduce errors. The article suggests that "Mistakes are not only made by the surgeon in the operating room (OR). They can be made by staff when scheduling a surgery, radiologists and pathologists when writing their reports for surgery, and by team members in the OR." One experts believes that "It should never be only up to one individual to stop an error from occurring."

StartBox offers a simple solution to not only prevent, but learn from these errors through an enhanced data reporting tool. 

The data generated for customers through StartBox allows them to reduce liability risk and has translated to discounts on medical malpractice insurance


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