Clinical Experience With StartBox: A Multi Center Review of 487 Cases - June 10th 2020

A recently concluded evaluation of the StartBox System demonstrated its ability to prevent wrong site surgery (WSS). The StartBox System was utilized for 487 orthopedic procedures including Spine, Sports Medicine, Hand, and Joint Replacement. This evaluation was conducted using cases at six sites with the StartBox System and there were zero occurrences of WSS events. In addition, over the course of these procedures, medical staff recorded 17 near misses utilizing the StartBox System.

Wrong site surgery is a preventable error. When these events do occur, they are often devastating to the patient, nursing staff, surgeon, and facility where the surgery was performed. Since 1998, various protocols and checklists have been devised to reduce the occurrence of WSS. Unfortunately, the incidence of WSS is estimated to be unchanged.

The StartBox Patient Safety System is an innovative technology that was designed to complement safety checklists, standardize and streamline workflows, integrate computerization, and provide a final constraint to prevent WSS. Upon completion of the procedure, the case data, including near misses, is stored and aggregated to generate predictive analytics related to future WSS prevention protocol improvements and training opportunities. 

The StartBox System includes a means to capture and analyze near miss data presenting a substantial opportunity to eliminate WSS. Near miss analysis is a powerful tool to allow organizations to examine the effectiveness of complex systems designed to prevent WSS, without such an event ever occurring.

The details of the evaluation are included in a published white paper and available upon request. 

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